For the first time footage has been released of Tiger Woods' son Charlie creaming balls on the range. And it's got our imaginations running wild

Imagine rocking up to a nearby golf club with your kid for a juniors’ match and see that they are up against Tiger Woods’ son, Charlie. You’d just quietly get back in the car, wouldn’t you?

Charlie has been the talk of Twitter after a video of him practising under the watchful eye of his 15-time major champion dad found its way online.

We shouldn’t be surprised that the 10-year-old’s swing already looks ready to take to the tour but nevertheless when you see his action you have to think that he could well end up boasting a greater major tally than Tiger.

It’s reported that he shot 5-over in a nine-hole tournament in Jupiter and finished tied 9th but that’s not really of much significance when his swing looks that good.

I’ve already put my life savings on him breaking Jack’s record…

So how good is Tiger Woods’ son’s swing?

You don’t have to be an expert to notice that Tiger Woods’ son has, at the very least, an aesthetically pleasing golf swing, writes NCG’s instruction editor Andrew Wright.

Despite the fact it looks like it’s been filmed on a Nokia 3310, you can see Charlie makes a great turn on the way back – arguably better than dad’s – getting the club to parallel and even slightly beyond.

It’s hard to tell from the camera angle, but the rest doesn’t look too bad either. He seems to have inherited the power squat move in the downswing and into impact and beyond, it’s hard to pick fault – and there’s even a Tommy Fleetwood-esque abbreviated follow-through in there for good measure.

The sky’s the limit if you ask me.

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