Tiger Woods has been pictured using a new driver at Muirfield.

The World No 1 is testing a Nike VR_S Covert Tour head that has a glued hosel (no adjustability) and a Diamana Whiteboard shaft.

It’s the latest indicator that Woods, notorious for sticking with clubs for extended periods of time once he trusts them, is over his picky stage and ready to take advantage of the latest technology.

Indeed, the driver the Covert may replace – the VR – is at least four models out of date and Woods should expect to see a significant increase in ball speed.

It may seem quite a risk to change such a vital club the week of a Major, but there is method behind the apparent madness. The American said in a press conference: “I’ve played here three days now and have hit only a couple of drivers.”

The baked fairways of Muirfield are obviously so fast that Woods thinks irons off the tee are the play, so if it’s only once or twice in a round, the driver change won’t make too much difference.

Don’t forget, Woods famously switched to a Nike putter at St Andrews in 2010, too.