Dan Murphy: Did we enjoy seeing a bit of ankle?

James Broadhurst: They looked like they had been shrunk in the wash. I’m all for the sporty Nike golf gear but those trousers were a bit too much.

DM: I thought they looked like they might be quite annoying when riding up after a particularly full-blooded driver swing.

Alex Perry: I just look at his ankles and think it must be really irritating. Have you ever worn trousers with ankle socks? The feeling of the trousers brushing against your ankles? No thanks.

Craig Middleton: I don’t see the problem with them really. Yeah they look stupid and I wouldn’t be seen dead in them but fashion trends change don’t they. At least he can back it up with good golf. Imagine if me Joe and JB had of worn them at our summer medal on Sunday then shanked our tee shots into the trees.

Joe Urquhart: JB did shank his tee shot into the trees…

JB: But I looked well dressed doing it.

JU: Can I also point out JB was using a Nike driver?

DM: I shanked a wedge into the trees on the 2nd hole of 36 in the club champs last Saturday. Couldn’t blame my attire though. I digress…

JU: Anyway, I have no issue with them but he may as well just start wearing shorts if he wants to get his legs out. Which, incidentally, the European Tour should just embrace during tournament play already!

Sergio Garcia - Tommy Fleetwood Niggle

Mark Townsend: There is no bigger fan (or personal friend) of young Tommy but they’re awful. And that’s not because there is a 20-year age gap, it’s because they’re awful.

DM: I would imagine Tommy’s pedal-pushers (is that what they are? Probably not) were nice and airy around the thighs though.

MT: Pedal pushers are even higher on the calf, they’ll be next. I’ve no doubt they’re airy and light but there are other ways of keeping his pins cool. Elasticated ‘pants’ are fine on a junior nurse, they’re not fit for tournament golf. Shorts are fine, just wear shorts.

DM: Obviously professional golf would never recover if people started wearing shorts. Sometimes it’s really hard to be golf’s friend…

CM: Trousers are very important. Take last week for example. I was offered a round of golf after work and much to my disappointment, didn’t have the correct trousers with me. I rushed home to get them and ended up driving into the back of someone – none of which would have happened if you could just wear what you want on the course.

JU: I’m not sure you can blame golf’s dress code on you driving into the back of someone…

MT: As a junior my best mate turned up wearing a pair of his Chelsea shorts as it was about 100 degrees and the pro took great offence and made him play in a pair of waterproof trousers. He nearly died.

JU: Imagine wearing shorts and a PUMA ‘untucked’ shirt – planes would start falling from the sky.

Puma untucked polos - Tommy Fleetwood niggle

DM: Craig, what would happen if you had to play Golf in what Wallace (RIP Peter Sallis) and Gromit might describe as The Wrong Trousers?

CM: I’d feel uncomfortable and would probably decline your offer of a round of golf.

JU: Thinking about it, I get paranoid if I think I have an item of clothing on I shouldn’t have at a golf club. It’s almost as bad as my fear of clubhouses. I start thinking every member is staring at me. It’s not healthy. If I had Tommy’s slacks on I think I would have some sort of breakdown.

JB: I find it strange that tour caddies are allowed to wear shorts but the players are forbidden from doing so.

James Savage: Wear what you want. Denim must be the worst thing to wear for golf anyway but if you want to wear ripped jeans and a 1999 Man Utd shirt that is fine with me.

AP: I’m very much for people being allowed to wear what they want on the golf course – except denim and football shirts. Or Royal & Awesome.

JS: Personally, I’d rather not have any leg on show whatsoever. When it gets hot, my legs get sweaty and then I get dirt and grassy bits stuck to them when rummaging around in the thick stuff looking for my ball. A thin, light pair of trousers with a bit of stretch is what I’m after.