Is it acceptable to wear golf clothes off the course?

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Should golf clothing be confined to the course? Is there ever a right time to be rocking a pair of spikeless on the High Street? The NCG team discuss...

Steve Carroll: Some people have a pair of favourite slacks, or some shoes they just can’t do without.

I’ve taken this concept and run a marathon with it. Under orders to root through the wardrobe, I discovered something my wife later said was quite disturbing about my character.

I wear golf clothes EVERY day. Now I’m not turning up at the gym in a pair of freshly pressed trousers or going out to the shops in a set of spikes.

But, at a conservative estimate, I probably own about 50 golf polo shirts and not a morning goes by where I’m not putting one over my shoulders.

I’ll wear my waterproof jacket whenever I’m out. I don’t feel ashamed. I feel comfortable. And dry.

But am I having a mid-life crisis? Is there something wrong with me? Is it perfectly acceptable to don golf wear when you are not playing a round?

Alex Perry: Most golf clothes aren’t acceptable on the course, let alone off it. I’m talking to you, man in your 50s wearing the orange Puma outfit that even Rickie Fowler has grown out of.

Craig Middleton: I think it depends on what you do. We do a lot of stuff at work that requires golf attire so I say that’s no problem.

For someone like my dad, though, who is a self-employed tiler, it would be rather strange for him to turn up to work in a Callaway polo with some new SL Pros on.

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Out of work, and off the course, dress whatever you’re comfortable in. You see the way some people dress, with ripped jeans halfway down their ankles, so why should you feel like you can’t wear golf clothing?

Mark Townsend: Because you look like an enormous blert. It is unacceptable and I’m as guilty as most of looking like a failed assistant pro quite often.

A decent/fashionable/inoffensive pair of spikeless shoes and possibly an unobtrusive zip top are just about OK, a pair of bad trousers – with even worse piping – is horrific.

James Savage: I own a silly amount of golf clothes and golf shoes.

I wear them all the time to basically preserve the two pairs of jeans and two non-golf T-shirts that I own.

I’m really tight and don’t like spending money on clothes.

In my job I think it’s acceptable but sometimes I get home from work and catch a glance of myself in the mirror and feel a bit silly.

Or when I stop at the petrol station and someone asks me where I’ve been playing. To be fair to them, I did have a glove hanging out of my back pocket.

AP: Now I think about it, I’ve never seen you, Steve or Dan in anything but golf gear.

Dan Murphy: There shouldn’t really be any such thing as golf clothes that are distinguishable from other clothes. Sadly we are not quite there yet.

The exception is technical gear that is designed with a certain set of conditions in mind.

If I am out in the rain, I’d be better off in my Galvin Green suit regardless of whether I am playing golf or watching my son playing football or going for a walk.

AP: Does this mean you’re a fan of relaxing dress code rules at golf clubs? How relaxed are you happy to go? Jeans? T-shirts?

Tom Irwin: I was at my parents house this weekend and my clothes got muddy on walk. I had to borrow some of my Dad’s clothes. I know, hilarious right?

They are much cooler than anything I own. I am still wearing them now. He is a 70-year-old retired farmer. I have no business commenting on clothing.

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