Golf has been a popular subject for the silver screen for many years. Do you agree with our film critic's list?

It’s the question we all want answering: What are the best golf films of all time? Over the next few pages, film crictic Michael Renouf gives you his definitive run down. (See if you can spot the notable omission.) Let’s start at No. 10 with…

The 10 best golf films: 10. The Legend of Bagger Vance

This movie certainly has star power with Hollywood heavyweights Will Smith, Matt Damon and Charlize Theron filling the three most prominent roles under the directing watch of Robert Redford.

Rannulph Junuh (Damon) and Adele Invergordon (Theron) are sweethearts when Junuh, who happens to be the local golf hero goes off to serve in the Great War. When he eventually returns to Savannah, Georgia, many years later he has “lost his swing” and therefore all interest in the game.

Around this time Adele inherits the local golf club after her father commits suicide because of the Great Depression. She’s in need of cash and comes up with the bright idea of a challenge match between two golfing greats the real life Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen. But, a local angle is needed so Junuh is convinced to play – in no small part thanks to the mysterious caddie Bagger Vance (Smith), who suddenly shows up in town at just the right time. Unusually, this wily caddie does not really give advice but just poses questions and dilemmas.

Did you know? Matt Damon had never played golf before and Tim Moss, who was hired to coach him, had only 28 days to make him look convincing on the big screen. They practiced with both hickory shaft and modern clubs.