TaylorMade's Tour Response golf ball is designed specifically for club golfers. So what does our equipment expert think?

The TaylorMade Tour Response is designed to give club golfers a ball that is personalised to their specific needs and provide that tour-level performance we all crave at a lower price point.

TaylorMade Tour Response review: First impressions

Straight out of the box this feels like a premium product.

A lot of this is down to the urethane cover which is an upgrade from ionomer material commonly used in cheaper golf balls. The use of premium materials really makes a difference.

TaylorMade Tour Response golf ball review


TaylorMade Tour Response review: The technology

TaylorMade Tour Response golf ball review

The 100% urethane cover increases spin, feel, and durability. Increased green-side spin comes from the wedge grooves being able to grip the ball better.

The Tour Response uses a three-piece structure that means faster ball speeds. The softer feel comes from a low 40 compression core. This soft flexible central material, maximises energy transfer at impact, for more distance. It is surrounded by a firmer second layer which allows for an explosive transfer of energy to maximise ball speeds.

TaylorMade Tour Response review: NCG verdict

If you’re paying for a premium ball, the first thing that needs to be right is feel. TaylorMade have ticked this box and provided a great feeling golf ball. It definitely feels softer, but that is something I prefer. I swing my driver at around the 93mph mark so very similar to the typical male club golfer.

The three-piece design aims to give you faster ball speeds and it does feel hot off the clubface.

We need to be realistic here, of course. You’re not going to suddenly see an extra 20 yards. Out on the course I was noticing a little extra distance which is always a positive. The ball flight is also really solid too.

Obviously time on the course has been limited recently but I have been impressed with the control around the greens with these balls and they feel fantastic off the putter face. There is just something about a slightly softer ball that I like on the greens.

Overall the TaylorMade Tour Response is a genuinely premium golf ball and one I would happily put into play straight away.

It’s incredible to think they can get them out at this price point – though I’d happily pay extra to get them with the Rickie Fowler Pix pattern!

TaylorMade Tour Response: Details

Available: Now
RRP: £39.99
More information: TaylorMade website

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