Former European Tour and Ryder Cup player turned coach Peter Dawson has plenty of swing tips for senior golfers, including this gem

In his coaching companion, Now for the Back Nine, former European Tour and Ryder Cup player Peter Dawson has pieced together a series of easy-to-read, digestible coaching tips aimed at golfers of an advancing age. In this second of his swing tips for senior golfers taken from the book, Peter explains why it’s important to simplify the golf swing…

Swing tips for senior golfers: Eliminate those chipping woes

In my experience, most poor chipping is caused by too much leg movement. The images below show my leg movement during the chipping sequence.

swing tips for senior golfers

You can see the leg movement is minimal throughout with the swing being driven solely by my arms and shoulders.

I suggest a couple of good drills that can help you to practice hitting your shots with just the shoulders and arms.

1. Chip with your feet together

This is a brilliant drill to help reduce your leg movement while chipping.

Address the ball with your feet together then swing normally.
The stance prevents you from moving your legs and instead you will feel your arms and shoulders controlling the swing.

swing tips for senior golfers
swing tips for senior golfers

This exercise is strongly recommended for those who have too much leg movement when chipping.

2. Eliminate excess leg movement

This exercise can be used for shots up 30-40 yards. Take your normal stance then move your back foot 12 inches behind your front foot.

swing tips for senior golfers

Your weight is now automatically advanced onto your front leg. Swing back with your hands and arms, keeping your top arm straight, notice how much easier it is to take the club back with your hands and arms.

Swing down and through keeping your lower arm straight and your head and chest following through towards the target.

It isn’t just a practice drill, it also can work for you on the course – although it’s wise to practice it beforehand.

About Now for the Back Nine

Now for the Back Nine cover

Peter Dawson, a prominent European Tour player in the 1970s and the first left-hander to play in the Ryder Cup, noticed a gap in the market for a coaching manual with tips for senior golfers. So he and co-author and pupil Simon Hawkins pieced together Now for the Back Nine.

The book is packed with plenty of easy-to-read, simple tips aimed at older golfers –though that doesn’t mean younger players can’t learn from it!

You can read our review of the book in our rundown of the best golf instruction books, or head to the Now for the Back Nine website if you need more information or want to buy a copy.

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Peter Dawson podcast

Peter joined Alex Perry on the NCG Podcast to discuss his playing days and it’s a fascinating insight into playing in the golden age of the European Tour.

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