I HAVE always had a pretty wide swing with a big shoulder turn. The arms are away from the body with the club quite high up; on the downswing I work on my hips. They fire a little too quickly and I lose a bit of synchronisation between my lower and upper body. The initial movement is to start uncoiling rather than getting some weight forward on to the left foot. The feeling should be of the arms moving first and then the uncoiling.

I am now more compact in the takeaway and my plane is much better. I used to have more of an overswing, now only occasionally I go past parallel so I am more accurate. My shoulder turn has improved, I used to fall back more because of the hips going too fast – now there is still a slight backwards movement with the head but not as much, and the upper body does turn. I need to keep working at it. Rhythm is crucial to keep everything relaxed and to give myself time in the takeaway and transition.