I am 190cms tall and I have a two-metre arm span with a very quick rhythm. I grew up playing with my father’s club which was too heavy and is maybe why my swing is a little bit too short.

During the swing I don’t think, it’s too quick – co-ordination is the key thing for length and direction. I try to keep balanced on both sides of the body and rhythm is as important as technique. I don’t try to hit it too hard.

It is just an ability that I have to carry the ball around 310 yards.

My swing is more compact than it used to be and, even when the scores are not better, I feel like my game is more consistent.
If I’m having a bad day then I come back to my rhythm and slow things down and take out the pressure in the hands and the arms. I don’t grip it strong unless tension creeps in.

I like seeing my swing on TV or video but I would like to see myself a bit higher through the ball and that, again, is down to the rhythm. So that means having time to turn the shoulders, twist the hips and get through the ball.

When you get to a certain level it is very much down to the rhythm – amateurs will only think about technique.