What's new? How much does it cost? And how does it perform? Jack Backhouse brings you the low down on Srixon's new ZX MKII Utility iron

How does Srixon’s new long iron replacement club perform? Find out in our Srixon ZX MKII Utility iron review.

Srixon ZX MKII Utility iron review: NCG Summary

Srixon ZX MKII Utility iron
Srixon ZX MKII Utility iron review

The Srixon ZX MKII Utility iron is a golfer’s dream. Lightweight hollow body construction with a forged face insert delivers a powerful blow with a soft feel.

This club could be put in the bag by regular players looking for a bit of help from their long irons or a tour player looking for a fairway finder from the tee. The blade style minimal offset head looks appealing whilst providing speed and forgiveness you’d expect from a game improvement club.


  • Beautiful head
  • Centred hits sound fantastic
  • Really long


  • Not adjustable

Srixon ZX MKII Utility irons

Now: £219

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First Impressions

I am a driving iron/utility club user, so I was very excited to get my hands on Srixon’s new ZX Utility iron. As a player disillusioned by my own ability, I love the idea of carrying a 2 iron, and despite a love-hate relationship with them, I’ve had one in the bag for at least 10 years so I know exactly what I’m looking for in one.

The ZX MKII Utility ticks all of the boxes aesthetically. Its simple head design, the minimal offset, the thin top line, and the sole not being too thick. It absolutely looks the part, and I just hope I can hit it…

Srixon ZX MKII Utility iron reviews

NCG Review

I can remember the first time I saw a 2 iron utility club; it was in the bag of my club’s only scratch golfer, whom I was caddying for in a local competition. It weighed a ton, and when I tried to hit a shot with it on the range, I hit so far behind the ball I almost skied it, leaving my hands, arms and ego shaking for the rest of the day.

Needless to say, at the next opportunity, I put one straight in the bag.

ZX MKII Utility iron

My game has evolved since then (thankfully), and now I use a utility iron a lot from the tee in summer months when the ground gets hard. Flushing a low bullet 2 iron is quite a feeling, and now thanks to Srixon, a lot more golfers can achieve this.

The Srixon ZX MKII Utility iron is one of the best-feeling utility irons I’ve ever hit. The head is built from a forged 1020 carbon steel body with a steel forged SUP10 face. The multi-material construction causes ball rockets off the face, but the feedback into your hands is extremely soft.

Thanks to Srixon’s MainFrame design which is basically the same variable thickness technology that we see in drivers, ball speeds are great from any strike location, but they’re insane from the sweet spot. To get over 141 ball speed with an iron is incredible for me.

On the wet and windy January day I tested the ZX MKII Utility iron, I was able to hit shots carrying all the way up to 230, which in summer might run out to 260 yards+.

These wild distances make the Srixon utility iron an incredible weapon that makes tight tee shots on long par 4s not really a problem.

Flightscope data

This club is not just for long hitters to use off the tee but is also great for slower swing-speed players to use as a second shot from the fairway or rough. Srixon have put a lot of time into researching the sole of the club and how it can better interact with the turf for more clubhead speed.

The result of this are sole notches on the heel and toe of the sole, which lessen drag by reducing the amount of surface area that makes contact with the turf. Historically a utility iron would have been best hit from a good lie in the fairway, but now golfers have a better chance of advancing it out of the semi and thicker rough.

During my test hit some balls off the side of the range in the rough to see if it actually worked, and whilst I wasn’t perfect by any means, I did hit quite a few surprisingly good shots that definitely would have advanced further down the hole than normal.

ZX Utility Iron for sale

I tested the 2 iron head of the ZX MKII with a graphite stiff shaft and loved how it felt in the swing. I was a little surprised at how my carry distance dropped off so much on miss hits, but the total distance on the launch monitor wasn’t too badly affected so it wouldn’t affect my score too much.

I think it’s a shame there is no adjustable model available in the ZX MKII as being able to change the loft and lie would make it a more attractive club to players as they could further dial in their flight. But it is a very reasonably priced utility iron which I suppose is the trade-off.

I could quite happily put this utility iron straight in the bag no problem. I think it would fit perfectly at the top end of the new Srixon ZX5 MKII irons or the ZX7 irons. The ZX MKII Utility iron is extremely workable and just looks and feels so good, it will absolutely be a contender for the utility/driving iron of 2023.

Srixon ZX MKII Utility iron review: The Details

Available: 1st March 2023

RRP: £219 steel, £229 graphite

Lofts: 2i 18°, 3i 20°, 4i 23°

Shafts: UST Mamiya Recoil Dart 90 (graphite)

More information: Srixon Website

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Jack Backhouse

Jack is a PGA Golf Professional who specialises in coaching. He also loves his golf equipment and getting into the data of the latest clubs on the market. Jack has quickly become a go-to for expertise on a wide range of golf products but specialises in reviewing hardware. If you are looking for some new golf clubs make sure you have checked out his latest driver, fairway wood or iron reviews. He previously worked in wealth management, all of this means that number crunching and launch monitors are his favourite thing in the world. Jack is a member at Sandmoor Golf Club and regularly gets out on the golf course to maintain his scratch handicap.

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