Golf Academy of America was an educational institution that was aimed at providing students with degrees in the field of golf. To specify, it was a two-year golf college where sports and academic experts helped students get a degree in golf business management or golf instruction. The educational institution established a partnership with New England College of Business which made it possible for students to get their bachelor’s degrees from Golf Academy of America. 

College History

This educational institution was established in 1974 in San Diego. At that time, it was called the San Diego Golf Academy. What is more, it was the oldest golf school in the world with the best sports and academic experts as a part of their staff. In 2006, the college was acquired by the Education Corporation of America. In 2008, it was renamed to Golf Academy of America. The Education Corporation of America has five campuses: in San Diego, Orlando, Dallas, Phoenix and Carolines. 

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Permanently closed

The decision to permanently close Golf Academy of America was made in 2018. The accreditation of the college was suspended by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools. In addition to losing its accreditation, the college reported enrolment issues as well. Fewer and fewer students applied to this educational institution which was one of the reasons why the college had to be closed. What is particularly sad about the whole situation is that all teachers and professors lost their jobs while students were not given the opportunity to get their degree unless they were in their final semester at school. 

What students say

Students were shocked and sad when they heard the news. Even though getting a degree in this college was not that popular in the recent years, it was a perfect opportunity for those who are passionate about golf. This was a rare educational institution as a student could get a degree not only in golf instruction, but also in golf management as well. What it meant for such people is that their dream of opening their own golf club someday was not as unreachable as they thought. However, they will have to look for other opportunities now. 

Golf Academy of America offered training in such fields as: the business of golf, teaching, mentorship, training, technology and course operations. According to the website of the educational institution, more than 11, 000 students have been trained to become experts in the golf sector. What should also be highlighted is that PGA of America members were employed in each of the five campuses. After closing, the educational institution made sure the students were able to get access to their transcripts in order to continue education at other colleges or universities. Only those who were in their final semester got the chance to get a degree from Golf Academy of America. The whole situation is very sad as the educational institution had to close after 44 years of operating in the field. Besides, it was one of those unique colleges that offered professional approach to studying golf not only as a kind of sport, but also as a business and management branch. It is really hard to find another college or university in the United States of America that currently provides students with an opportunity to major in golf management or golf instruction.