Soren Kjeldsen is a Danish golfer and Srixon/Clevelend staff player who plays on the European Tour. He has won 4 times on the tour with his most recent victory coming at the Irish Open in 2015.

In this video Soren talks you through the three main points you should be concentrating on when you are trying to play a chip shot from the rough.

Step 1: Hit with a square club face

I see a lot of people opening the club face up a lot and it seems to just slide through, hit it off the toe and then stop half way short of the pin.

I feel it’s very important to play this shot where the ball meets the hole face of the club so it won’t slide off if I open it up too much.

Step 2&3: Keep your feet together and Lean slightly forward with your hands

I know I’m going to get some grass in between so I can hit it aggressively and quite hard. It should then roll out quite nicely.