Instagram of the Week: Rory’s road to recovery

These days when Rory posts a photo which maybe, maybe suggest he is making a quick recovery and return to the game, the internet loses its mind.

This week, the world no. 1 posted a photo of his gruesome ankle injury. To his credit, Rory has really upped his social media game since his injury. Not sure a picture of my swollen ankle would get 21k likes.

Will he make it back in time for the PGA Championship at Whistling Straights? The clock is ticking…

rorymcilroy 4 and a half and 3 and a half weeks ago respectively… I’ve come a long way since.

Tweet of the Week: The kangaroo course invader

Just another sunny day at the practice green, thought Australian professional golfer Daniel Popovic. Perhaps I’ll practice my chipping today.

Cue this unlikely course invader, who came to blows with a couple of flags in what we can only imagine was a last resort following a heated argument.

Ever seen a kangaroo go head to head with a practice green flag? 
Now you can, by watching here.


Next week: the three bears’ day out at the golf course.


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Other Tweet of the Week

Last month we had golf stars at Wimbledon; now we have tennis stars taking up golf. The latest addition is former world no. 1 Maria Sharapova, who tweeted a photo of her very first golf lesson.

Possible future career? We just hope she’s not as noisy on the golf course

Maria Sharapova My first golf lesson. Hopefully not my last

Viral Video of the Week

The internet is not short of a golf trickshot. It takes something special to catch our attention these days, but we think this golf beer pong shot makes it into that bracket. These guys have serious tekkers, managing to throw some football tricks and an emotional soundtrack into the mix.

Golf beer pong. Coming to a Friday night near you. Watch the video here.

Have you spotted any entertaining photos/videos on social media? Share them below!