Success off the tee can be a major part of shooting a low round, especially with the big stick. Teaching professional Rob Watkins joins us at Rudding Park to talk us through what he believes to be the key basic principles to become a better driver of the golf ball

Ball position is key, I like to see the ball just inside of my left heel. That helps because you want too hit up on the ball.

Your body is important. Too often I see amateurs leaning their body in front of the ball which results in a downward angle of attack.

When you get set, just tilt your shoulders back ever so slightly so your body is slightly behind the ball.

Give yourself a wide stance for stability. The last thing you want to do is lose your balance midway through the swing. That wide base gives you the platform to be able to really swing you arms and hips and generate plenty of power.

Watch the video above for more from Rob.