A simple question with two possible answers. Two of our writers are on either side of the fence

A few months removed from Tokyo 2020 and we’ve already had several players – notably Dustin Johnson and Brooks Koepka – say they’re not bothered about having golf at the Olympics. So should it be part of the Games? Two of our writers disagree…

‘Who wouldn’t want to be an Olympian?’

Why, asks Mark Townsend, would you not want to play in an Olympic Games? Those who took the trouble to play in Rio loved it and not for many golfing reasons. They loved being around other athletes, few of them household names, but Olympians all the same. Martin Kaymer couldn’t get enough of it.

The German gymnast Andreas Toba produced an heroic effort to finish his pommel horse routine after tearing an ACL during the floor exercise.

“He said the pain that he felt was so intense that his leg didn’t feel connected to his body anymore. He had so many tears in his eyes but he still did it. And then you think about your sport and we complain quite a bit if we don’t get the proper food. It’s amazing, and that’s why it’s really one of the best weeks of my career.”

All the talk of extra travelling and golf being new to the Games is nonsense. Who doesn’t grow up watching the Olympics? It’s never all about the money, look at the Ryder Cup, give yourself some different and special memories for when you’ve hung up your clubs.

‘If it’s not the pinnacle of your sport it shouldn’t be in the Olympics’

If you have some golfers saying they’re really not bothered by the Olympics, writes Alex Perry, then what is the point? If you’re not going up against the absolute best of the best then does that devalue the medal around your neck? Absolutely it does, but they won’t admit it.

Missing out on a major due to injury is one thing, but imagine DJ and Koepka saying they’re not really bothered about showing up at Augusta this year. You can’t, because it wouldn’t happen.

They showed up in Saudi Arabia for just about the most controversial tournament on the planet for a cheap pay day, for crying out loud, but can’t be bothered to go to one of, if not the greatest sporting occasion on earth.

It gets more eyes on golf, I get that, but I have always been of the belief that if competing at and winning a medal is not the pinnacle of your sport then it should not be at the Olympic Games. (Tennis would fall under this, but at least the big names show up for that.)

Make golf at the Olympics an amateur event and I’m back in…

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