Scotland: Clubs need to vote for mixed gender union

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Scottish Golf Union and Scottish Ladies Golf Union currently only single gender organisations in Scotland.

Scottish golfers are being urged to vote in an independent poll that will end gender segregation in the country’s golfing unions.

The poll runs until Friday February 27 and the unions say it will give all affiliated Scottish Golf Union clubs an essential part in the amalgamation process.

Speaking after the SGU annual conference in Stirling this weekend, chairman Tom Craig said: “We encourage and advise all affiliated SGU clubs to vote in the independent poll. It is simply vital that they do so.

Following the deadline, an extraordinary general meeting will see the 16 area golf associations, comprising the SGU’s shareholders, vote according to their clubs’ wishes.

In order ensure the integrity and transparency of the process, it is being conducted by an independent market research company named 4 global Consulting.

‘It is simply vital that people vote’
The proposal was finalised shortly before Christmas and was proclaimed to herald an exciting “new era” for Scottish Golf.

No other sport maintains independent gender-specific unions and so it is hoped the amalgamation will lead Scottish golf into the future.

The proposal was distributed to the SGU’s 16 area associations, the SLGA’s 15 county golf associations, ladies clubs and ladies sections and all SGU affiliated clubs in Scotland. 
Craig added: “Currently, this is the most significant issue facing Scottish Golf. Amalgamation is fundamentally important to building a modern, democratic, inclusive governing body for Scottish amateur golf. It is vital we pass on a fit for purpose organisation for the next generation to take the game forward.


“It creates the opportunity to build an effective partnership among golfers, Clubs, Areas, Counties, Board and staff for the greater good of Scottish Golf. A single body will help attract more women into golf and remove some of the stigma of a male-dominated game.


“It is a hugely important we amalgamate to help grow the sport and assist clubs in becoming viable and vibrant again, and to be great places for all golfers to spend their leisure time.”


Furthermore, the SLGA Membership (Ladies Sections of Clubs, Ladies Clubs, County Golf Associations, Vice Presidents and Directors) will vote on whether to back the amalgamation Proposal at their Annual General Meeting on Saturday 7 February in Edinburgh.

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