I don't want to win a major this year anyway, says Rory

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While we all wonder about whether or not Rory McIlroy is going to win another major, turns out the man himself isn't all that fussed. Alex Perry explains in The Slam

Hello. Welcome to this week’s episode of The Slam, NCG’s look back on the golfing week. First up, like football, Rory McIlroy is coming home this week to play in the Irish Open.

And unless he shoots a 59 at Ballyliffin, nothing he does will be as head-turning as his comments prior to the tournament.

McIlroy told reporters that his “goal this year was not to win majors”.

Excuse me? Yeah, and my goal this year was to not become a billionaire astronaut.

Now, Rory has been pretty good at putting his foot in his mouth down the years – remember when he called the Ryder Cup “just an exhibition”? – but this might just be an all-time home run.

McIlroy added that his goal this year was “just to give myself a chance and to put myself into positions to see how I fare.”

He said he’d “be disappointed” if he didn’t win another, but he doesn’t panic, concluding: “It doesn’t keep me up at night.”

Rory. It’s keeping me up at night for goodness sake.

And it’s got nothing to do with the fact I have a lot of money riding on you ending your career with at least 10 majors…

It’s all about the He said, she said

You might know Muni He from her Instagram posts rather than her golf.

Well, she’s just won her first event as a professional. In her rookie on the Symetra Tour, He won at the Prasco Charity Championship…

Oh. You just want to look at photographs of her, don’t you? Here you go…

Left my heart in Shanghai❤️

A post shared by Lily (@lilymhe) on

missing LA right about now?

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secret black sand beach?

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The draw of the Tiger

And finally…

We do get a ridiculous amount of comments when we write anything about Tiger. And this is why.

Watch the video above to hear some of the comments we get…

Right, that was this week’s edition of The Slam.

Remember, you can follow the Irish Open and Greenbrier Classic with our live leaderboards – when you’re not watching football coming home, of course…

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