It’s been something of a social media craze in recent months for parents to post photos of their rising stars in golf. More often than not it’s a lovely swing, with a modest comment along the lines of “Little Rory’s game coming along nicely.”

It will then invariably be picked up by media outlets around the globe, who will poach the video and add a pithy remark such as “This 6-year-old has a better swing than you.”


And they get thousands of retweets, so why wouldn’t you? Look, we can’t stop…

But the thing people like about these posts is that it’s highlighting that our beautiful game is still alive and well among the younger generations – and that just warms your cold heart, doesn’t it?

Rising stars in golf: Sam McIntyre

I thought it would be good to go and meet one of these rising stars in golf to find out what makes them click. Why, particularly with all the allure of football, would you pick up a golf club instead?

So I got in touch with Sam McIntyre – he’s local and his mum works with my friend’s wife – and we met at Oulton Hall in Leeds where I heard Sam’s story from the boy himself and his coach, Thomas Devine. See what Sam has to say in the video at the top of the page.

rising stars in golf

You can follow Sam’s progress on Twitter and you can find more information on the FUEL junior golf programme on the Thomas Devine Golf Coaching website. If you know someone you think should be featured in Rising Stars, let us know.