Alex Perry is a huge fan of Reflo's stylish and sustainable golf apparel range. Here's what he thinks of the Lapter hoodie

Who doesn’t love a good hoodie? On or off the course, they are comfortable, stylish, and more popular than they’ve ever been. Reflo is a new company that creates sustainable clothing made from recycled waste – but more on that later. I’m a huge fan, so let’s get into my Reflo Lapter hoodie review…

Reflo Lapter hoodie review: NCG summary

Reflo Lapter hoodie review
Reflo Lapter hoodie review

Hoodies are taking golf by storm, and Reflo are one of the front runners.


  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish
  • The sustainability factor


  • Unless you play at a golf course
    where hoodies are frowned upon,
    there are none

Reflo Lapter hoodie review: First impressions

Anyone who has seen me carefully scrutinising every container as I ponder which bin it can go in will know recycling and sustainability is something I’m awfully passionate about.

When you receive a box from Reflo, that shared passion smacks you right in the face. ‘I am made from plants, not plastic’, the bag protecting your latest purchase screams at you. ‘You can feel good about using me because I am 100% biodegradable. I will compost in 6 months,’ it adds, before a friendly reminder that ‘a plastic bag can take thousands of years’.

Under the huge ‘R’ logo, we’re told that Reflo ‘are committed to making high-quality apparel that makes you look and feel epic!’

It continues: ‘Our apparel is made using recycled plastic by people who have fair working conditions and wages. We think all apparel should be made this way, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice and make positive choices. So let’s help each other look after the world we live in.’

And I haven’t even opened the bag yet!

Reflo make some really cool and stylish golf apparel, so I was more than happy to receive this package .

You know that feeling of slipping into an old, familiar piece of clothing you’ve had for years? How at home you feel in it? Reflo feels like that straight out of the box (and bag).

Reflo Lapter hoodie review: On the course

Reflo Lapter hoodie review

If you know me, you know I’m not a fan of wearing layers and layers and layers. (OK, perhaps even people that know me are unaware.) As a result, I practically live in hoodies. They’re also almost exclusively either grey or black – I’m very boring like that – so imagine how happy I was to see the neatly-packaged Reflo Lapter land on my doorstep.

If playing golf in a hoodie is something that doesn’t offend you, well done. And if it does, perhaps you need to reassess the things you get upset about. Who would think that a small bit of fabric could be so controversial? Anyway, they are becoming more and more popular on the golf course due to the fact they are incredibly comfortable and how good they look.

‘The hood gets in the way of the swing!’ That’s what we always hear, isn’t it? To that I say if you’re that easily distracted, I’m not entirely sure golf is for you. Honestly, you don’t notice it at all.

And, most importantly, it doesn’t ride up your torso when you swing. For what it’s worth, I’m 6-foot-4 and skinny but I went for a large because I’m in my 40s now and am happy for my clothing to be a bit looser – but the stylish fit of the Lapter hoodie means you don’t even notice. It slides on like a dream.

Reflo Lapter hoodie review: The 19th hole

This isn’t really golf gear. It’s just a comfortable, cool, stylish top which you can wear on the golf course.

I’m not entirely sure I’ve taken this off since I’ve had it. I’m sitting in the office typing these words while wearing it.

I love it. Look how happy I am in it…

Reflo Lapter hoodie review

Reflo Lapter hoodie review: The details

Fit: True to size
Comfort: 10/10
Value for Money: 9/10
Sizes: XS-XXL (UK)
Colour options: Grey, Black, Navy, Aqua

Available: Now
RRP: £95
More info: Reflo website

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