What's new? How much does it cost? And how does it perform? Jack Backhouse brings you the low down on the Ram Golf FX77 irons

How do Ram Golf’s new players distance irons perform? Find out in our Ram Golf FX77 irons review.

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Ram Golf FX77 irons review
Ram Golf FX77 irons review

These irons look good, and the distance results are very impressive. Ram Golf have done a great job of building a set with the performance of one of the ‘premium’ brands.

These irons are perfect for a player who wants something that looks good, and goes forever, but doesn’t break the bank.


  • Long
  • Very forgiving on off centre hits
  • Strikes feel powerful


  • A lot of offset wont suit the eye of all players
  • Crazy ball speeds make distance control hard with short irons

Ram Golf FX77 irons review: First Impressions

Ram Golf have created something really good here. The FX77s have strong lofts and a lot of offset so you really feel like the club is going to work for and help you, but they have a thin enough top line to make you feel like you are still using players’ clubs.

Ram Golf FX77 irons review

Ram Golf FX77 irons review: NCG Verdict

Although Ram Golf have a storied past in golf, in more recent times the majority of their clubs have been entry-level, aimed at a relatively new golfer. The FX77 are different, however, with Ram Golf entering the player’s distance market with a set that not only looks good but performs really well too for a ridiculously low price compared to the big-named brands.

I was blown away after just one shot as the ball seemed to rocket off the face. I knew that the FX77 irons had strong lofts, but they’re no stronger than similar clubs on the market, so I was pretty surprised to see the 9-iron shots carrying near to 150 yards, with one landing at 156.

The 7-iron and 5-iron had similar crazy long results. I certainly wouldn’t expect to average 180 yards carry with my 7-iron with the longest almost going 190. 210 yards average carry with a 5-iron is also absolutely bonkers, in fact these are distances I might expect maybe from a super game improvement club, but not a player’s distance iron.

Ram Golf has built the FX77 irons with a multi-material head, with a super hot face which could be in part why the irons go so far. A problem with the raw power the irons seem to hold is consistency. Now admittedly some of this could be down to user error, but the front-to-back dispersion of my shots is quite big for all 3 irons I hit on the Flightscope, which is going to cause issues when hitting into greens.

Ram Golf FX77 irons review

I was really pleased with how solid the FX77 irons felt on off-centre hits though. This is an important factor for the player’s distance irons as the golfer they’re aimed at probably doesn’t find the centre every time. It was noticeable however that the clubs seemed to mark or scuff up quite quickly with my strike pattern starting to show up after just 10 or so shots.

I hit the Ram Golf FX77 irons with the KBS Tour 90 stiff shaft, which felt great with the club head. The irons feel well balanced and quality, which for £299 for the set, is mightily impressive.

Ram Golf FX77 irons review

The drawback to having a set priced so low is that there must be some cutbacks somewhere, and the cuts backs have been made on custom options. The shaft options are steel or graphite, stiff regular or senior, and you can’t customise shaft length, lie angle or grip size when ordering. This can of course all be done after the irons have been bought at your local pro shop.

These are a brilliant set of irons that I recommend to anyone who needs more distance but is shopping on a budget. These may be the best value irons out in the market right now, and probably the longest I’ve hit all year so be sure to check them out!

Ram Golf FX77 irons review: The Details

Available: Now

RRP: £299 for the set

Lofts: 4i: 20.5 – 5i: 23 – 6i: 26 – 7i: 30 – 8i: 34 – 9i: 39 – PW: 44

KBS Tour 90 steel – regular, stiff
UST Recoil graphite – lite, regular, stiff

More information: Ram Golf website

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