Do you find yourself throwing away shots around the green? You're not alone. Here are some simple tips to help you get up and down more regularly

Hitting a 300-yard bomb down the middle of the fairway may be impressive to watch but not nearly as impressive as executing a flop shot or pitch and run under pressure. Here are five tips that will help you improve your short game and take shots of your round…

Improve your short game: Grip pressure

improve your short game

A common mistake most golfers make is gripping the club too tightly.

You’ve got to keep your hands soft. On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the lightest) aim for a grip pressure around 4-5.

This will ease the tension in your arms and wrists and give you more feel. You can then focus on other basic fundamentals, such as keeping your chin high and back straight.

Improve your short game: Rotate your body

improve your short game

Chipping and pitching involve shorter swings, so you may not feel the need to move your entire body. However, it is still important to rotate to ensure a solid, consistent contact.

Start by swinging the clubhead back. Kick your right knee towards your left as a sort of “trigger” for your downswing. This will free up your entire right side and help your body rotate smoothly through the swing.

Improve your short game: Tempo

improve your short game

Another common mistake made by amateurs is using too much speed for a chip shot. Speed and power are key in your long game, but around the green tempo rules.

Don’t overthink it. Count off “one and” in your backswing, followed by “two” in your downswing.

Improve your short game: Using the bounce (properly)

improve your short game

Using the bounce of the club the right way will give you much more consistent results.

First of all, take a neutral setup lining your hands up with the clubhead. From here, leaning the shaft forward slightly will encourage the club to brush the surface instead of getting stuck in the grass.

Improve your short game: The left arm

improve your short game

When it comes to chipping and pitching tips, this one could be the most important.

Your control comes from your left arm when you chip so let your left arm, hand, and wrist lead the way through your backswing and all the way through the contact with the ball.

Take these tips with you next time you’re heading to the course or chipping green and see how you get on.

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