NCG runs down some of the best, worst and most bizarre golf trophies handed out to tournament winners. Brace yourselves

The monstrosity pictured above was handed out to Peter Fowler for his MCB Tour Championship win on the Staysure Tour. That’s about all the encouragement we needed to take a look at some of the most bizarre golf trophies handed out in golf.

With the sheer number of tournaments taking place all over the world, it’s no surprise we are treated to an array of weird and wonderful golf trophies. But we’re not complaining, it’s all good fun. Enjoy.

9. Hero World Challenge

Hero World Challenge report

Maybe one for the kids’ bedroom? The large tiger with its paw atop a globe has been won a few times by the man himself. The trophy does seem a little self-indulgent but the event raises funds for the Tiger Woods Foundation which helps improve the health, education and welfare of children in America.

8. Castello Masters

A mask-shaped, err, face? With arms. We think. And legs? Maybe. Whatever it is, we imagine it isn’t taking pride and place in Sergio Garcia’s trophy cabinet – especially now he has a certain jacket…

7. Safeway Open

Safeway open report

Winners of the Safeway Open are presented with a barrel. Obviously. A trophy that doubles up as a seat is always handy after 72 holes of championship golf, and if there is booze inside…

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