Le Mullet. We’ve all had one. We’ve all let the locks go longer than usual while keeping it short on top and, generally, with disastrous circumstances.

We give you nine hairdos that you might not want on the top of your head…

Tommy tanks in the hair department

Tommy Fleetwood

Everything that young Tommy Fleetwood has touched in the past 18 months has pretty much turned to gold. But while he might be a new dad, have wins in Abu Dhabi and France this year, be the best bloke on the European Tour and sit on top of the Race to Dubai his barnet isn’t the best. There is no bigger fan of Fleetwood but I’m struggling a bit with the state of his current locks.

Pavin the way

Corey Pavin

Corey Pavin’s hair was so bad in 1991 that his teammates at Kiawah wanted to drown him. This a proper mullet and helped by a rare sighting of a golfer sans baseball cap. Interestingly, some of ‘Crazy’s’ (Crazy Pavin… Crazy Paving… Oh forget it) best golf came when his hair was at its worst.

Wild Thing, I think I love you

John Daly

This was taken the day after John Daly won the Open Championship in 1995, the day he brilliantly took down Costantino Rocca in extra holes over the Old Course. Again, a genuine mullet with even some shaved hair down the sides to accentuate the look.

Day to forget

Jason Day

Jason Day could be the lead in a movie with this smouldering look but, without wishing to sound like my mum, his appearance has improved with a shorter do. The Australian has got a lovely face so does well to show it off.

Short Pat and sides

Pat Perez

The mullet that keeps on giving and one that shows no signs of going away. While most come and pretty much go quite quickly after a re-evaluation of their appearance Pat Perez’s long at the back appears to be going nowhere. Fair play to him though, a few weeks ago at the age of 41, he made his debut at the Tour Championship.

Big-time Charley

Charley Hoffman

Now we’re talking Charley Hoffman, my boy. This flowing mane was the talk of the tour a few years ago which he generally offset by a green glove to keep his sponsors happy. The hair is now kempt and the results keep coming. Have a guess what Hoffman’s world ranking is? Not even close, he’s now 23rd.

Give it some Villegas

Camilo Villegas

You’ll remember these poster-boy looks and a former World No 7. You might argue that Camilo Villegas’ hairdo is not really getting in the way of his model-like appearance, and you would be quite correct, but this shoulder-length thatch isn’t doing him many favours. OK, he still looks lovely but you get the point.

The forgotten man

Anthony Kim

The Lord Lucan of the game. There have been mentions of Anthony Kim being spotted in Las Vegas, he very occasionally pops up on Twitter and last year we got a pic of him in a Dallas pet store, heavily covered in tattoos and his hair now held in place by an Alice band. He apparently has no plans to return to life as a golfer.

And finally, the entire 1980s

Barry Lane and Mark Roe

We’re pointing the finger at Messrs Roe and Lane but it could be anyone from this era when Le Mullet was truly at its very best. Ian Woosnam appeared at one Open in the mid 80s with a remarkable new hairdo which was very much of its age but they were, and I was, all at it so let’s just call it a victim of its age. That said anyone who saw Roe at the British Masters recently might think that the below is just fine.

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