In this episode Gary Nicol asks you ‘why do we always practice pace putting on the practice green, and then neglect that as soon as we get on the course’.

In this series as a whole, you will be asked to consider the ‘art of putting’. This will involve ensuring that your mind is in the best place to allow your putting stroke to come out on a more natural basis. The ultimate aim of the series is to help you to hole more putts, shoot lower scores and have more fun on the golf course.

We become so obsessed with line when we get on the course we completely forget about the pace.

If you are seeing a very narrow line you’ve got to be so precise and there’s no margin for error with pace.

But if you focus more on pace there’s actually room for three golf balls to drop into the hole at the same time. Pace determines the line and it gives you options. You can hit three different putts with different pace on each of them and they can still all go in the same hole.

If you concentrate on putting down a thin narrow line you become all tensed up resulting in a stroke that isn’t free flowing.

The Lost Art of Putting

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