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The redesigned Himalayas course at Prince’s has been labelled a triumph. Steve Carroll talked to the people who made it happen

Prince’s Himalayas – the major changes

1st – The wide fairway has been re-introduced but a very small central pot bunker was put in to give players something to think about off the tee.

2nd – The old hole is replaced by using the second tee and the third green to create a slight dogleg par 5. A sand area was restored.

3rd – What was the old fourth has been extended with new back tees, bunkers down the left and an extended wetland on the right. It shares a double green with the eighth.

5th – An entirely new hole – a short par 3 with a view of the ocean, a large contoured green with run off areas and extensive wetlands in front.

6th – The green was extended up to the left and the hole was re-bunkered.

8th – Now a much shorter hole, it poses a question for the longer hitter who needs to decide whether to try and blast at the green or play it as a two-shotter. Those who misjudge the drive can find water, bunkers or a large run off area. The wetlands have been brought in towards the fairway.

9th – The old Himalayas bunkers are reinstated, if not in play, and the old Sarazen bunker close to the green remains a feature of a great finishing hole that’s a challenge into the wind.

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