Do you have a pre-shot routine? Do you even know what it is? We went to see renowned performance coach Dave Alred to find out what we're getting wrong

When it comes to your pre-shot routine, there is no magic formula. We’re all unique so what works for one person won’t necessarily work for you. However, what is important, is that you actually have one and that it is consistent.

Developing an effective pre-shot routine is the easiest way we can emulate the pros. It doesn’t require the physical or mental attributes that make these players stand out, it simply requires a small time commitment to figure out the best method for you.

Perfect your pre-shot routine: The main talking points

The pre-shot routine is often overlooked. However, it is essential in allowing you to settle over the ball and reset after the previous shot, good or bad.

Therefore, it’s important not to get stuck in your ways as this is a part of the game you can improve like any other.

I was lucky enough recently to spend some time with elite performance coach, Dave Alred, so don’t just take my word for it.

Want to see how I got on with Dave? You’ll have to watch the video.

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I was attending an elite performance workshop put on by the Jenahura Tour Academy. If you’re an aspiring tour pro and want to find out how Jenahura can help, head to their website or find them on Twitter and Instagram