Say hello to the RX1 GPS. Powakaddy's head of design and innovation chats to us about what's new

PowaKaddy have released their most technologically-advanced trolley ever in their RX1 GPS, with its touch screen, GPS and remote control. We sat down with the brand’s head of design and innovation, Matthew Watt, to ask a few questions about how it came about…

How long has the RX Remote range been in development?

“The RX Remote range has actually been a part of the wider FX and CT development and has been in the works, so to speak, since we started designing those trollies back in 2016.

“As part of that development, we knew that the FX and CT innovations would come first, and after those trollies were launched in 2020, the development of the RX Remote range and the remote system itself kicked into a higher gear.”

powakaddy rx1 gps

As the RX Remote range is the most advanced range from PowaKaddy to date, were there any particular challenges in designing such a complex product?

“From a usability perspective, the challenge was to make the RX easy to use as soon as you take it out of the box. Months of testing were conducted to refine the remote control out on a golf course.

“Making a product handle real-world situations was a big challenge, and it was important to remember that not all golfers will play down the middle of a perfect fairway.

“As such, the product needed to work on hills, the rough, around hazards and over cart paths etc, which was an interesting challenge to overcome from a design perspective.” 

powakaddy golf trolley

What was the key to the successful design of a trolley with GPS, a touchscreen, and remote technology all packed into one?

“Creating a remote trolley adds so much complexity into the design. Packaging two motors, two gearboxes, an extra wheel, and all the additional electronics into our already small, sleek frame was the biggest engineering challenge.

“This is where our modular trolley design really excelled from a design perspective. Adding the GPS, and the touchscreen was, in reality, the easy bit. 

“Additionally, the RX Range features more battery capacity in the same battery size as our other trolley ranges, which was a rewarding challenge for the team to work around.”

PowaKaddy 2023 Line-up

The other big news is PowaKaddy have announced their 2023 lineup.

The CT, which is the most popular golf trolley range in the UK, and features the world’s smallest electric trolley, has had a few upgrades, most noticeably the CT8 GPS has had the most innovative advancements to date and also offers features such as a scorecard, stroke index information, Active Green View, and Drop Flag technology that gives you accurate and precise distance measurement to any pin position.

PowaKaddy have streamlined the FX range, combining all of the range’s best features into the FX3 and FX5 trolleys. The FX5 has received a major upgrade and now includes a new 3.5” full-colour widescreen, upgraded carbon trim and easy-grab T-Bar bungee handles.

We can’t wait to get our hands on the new models and will be able to provide some more in-depth reviews about the trolleys later on in the season.

How much will they cost?

PowaKaddy’s RRPs for the 2023 range are as follows:

PowaKaddy RX1 GPS: £1,449.99
PowaKaddy RX1: £1,199.99
PowaKaddy CT8 GPS: £999.99
PowaKaddy CT6 GPS: £949.99
PowaKaddy CT6: £799.99
PowaKaddy FX5: £749.99
PowaKaddy FX3: £699.99

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