Reason for a I Monasteri Golf Resort review

I was invited to play I Monasteri as part of a press tour of Sicily.

Where is I Monasteri?

I Monasteri Golf Resort is located on the south-west coast of the Italian island of Sicily.

What to expect

This picturesque 18-hole course was designed by Italian architects David and Vincenzo Mazzacane.

Winding its way through a plantation of orange and lemon trees, you’ll be treated to views of the Iblea mountain range and the surrounding countryside. But with plenty of water hazards, prickly pears and tight fairways, this is still a tough test.

Favourite hole

With a view of the clubhouse and hotel complex, which is housed within an ancient monastery, the 18th hole is an interesting end to the round.

However, with water on one side and bunkers on the other, getting onto the green safely isn’t exactly easy.

My best bit

I made my first ever par on the par-4 13th hole, so this was by far my highlight.

I went with my usual plan of just trying to hit the ball as far as I could with my driver, which was generally only successful about 10 per cent of the time.

But this time it went surprisingly well, and my next shot actually went on the green. It was all very confusing. After rolling my putt close to the hole, I stood over my tap-in shaking like a leaf.

But amazingly, it went in. I had actually made par.

What to look out for

The fairway on the par-5 6th hole goes through a deadly-looking patch of prickly pears. Be careful if you lose your ball in here as the spines are extremely sharp.

You might also be joined on the greens by some puppies from the neighbouring farm house – it all adds to the charm.

When I go back

I will be better at using my driver and won’t lose as many balls to the lakes or hazardous plantations. I will also aim to make many more pars and visit the spa afterwards.