Reason for a Trump International Golf Club review

I had organised an end-of-season golfing trip with some friends and I wanted to see if the hype around the course was the real deal.

Where is Trump International?

Trump International is located 10 miles north of Aberdeen and just a short hop in the car from a friend’s house.


What to expect

The second you pull into the driveway it makes you sit up in your seat and know you’re about to visit somewhere special. It is one of the best golf courses, in my opinion, that you will ever play.

On arrival you are greeted at the clubhouse with five star service throughout and no request is too much for the staff.

Speaking to a friend, who is a member of Cruden Bay and plays off just 2, he mentioned some of the conditioning two years ago hadn’t quite bedded in.

Well, this certainly isn’t the case now and it feels as if it has been there for a hundred years.

The walks through the dunes from greens to tees are brilliant, the dunes enclose you off so you don’t see any other holes or golfers and then around the corner you walk to the tee and another breathtaking golf hole is in front of you.

With so many tee options Trump International is suitable for everyone, if you want a true test of 7,500 yards or a more playable birdie type course at 6,300.

We all know that one or two greens on a golf course can be a bit different and unique in their own way, Trump International has 18 of those.

I was expecting to sit in the car on the way home and pick it apart with my friends on why it shouldn’t be ranked as highly as it is – we couldn’t find any faults.

It is simply stunning and each hole is superb.

All of the golf course is in front of you as plain as day, there are no tricks, it’s just pure links golf that rewards good shots.

My best bit

Playing at 7.30am on the Sunday morning of the trip we had the great pleasure watching the sun come up during our opening few holes, it was simply spectacular.

What to look out for

We played in a 25mph wind and the first four holes were into the teeth of it, if you think you are having a bad round then my advice to you is to just embrace it, you have the next seven downwind and they are really scoreable.

Also, make sure you think about what tees to play from and speak to the starter about advice on ability and wind conditions to get the most out of your visit.

When I go back

It will be in the summer; even faster fairways, even faster greens, even thicker rough and even more fun.

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