Reason for a North Shore Golf Club review

North Shore Golf Club, Skegness, is a brilliant winter destination. It is a fact that the east coast is the driest part of the country and the firm fairways both here and at Seacroft (just down the road) make for a great double act. Better still, your trousers will be unscathed by mud when you’re finished.

Shamefully, I’d never played at North Shore before, though I had previously been to Blackpool North Shore, on the opposite coast, with which it is easy to confuse the Skegness branch….

It’s a James Braid course and after a rather pedestrian par-5 opener, it is never less than entertaining right the way to the end. Yes, you’d always rather be near the sea but it must be said the parkland holes are also really good.

Where is North Shore Skegness?

Where is North Shore Skegness? Surprisingly enough, it’s in Skegness. Within a mile of the town centre to be precise. Skegness itself is in the south-eastern corner of Lincolnshire.


North Shore Skegness 5th

My best bit…

For me, it would the moment upon reaching the first proper links hole. In my book, that’s the moment you reach the par-4 4th tee. I knew these links holes were coming but, Doubting Thomas that I am, until I’d seen them I didn’t quite believe it. Trust me – these holes are the real thing.

What to look for…

Sorry to repeat myself, but it’s the links holes. They are all the more surprising because the first two holes simply couldn’t be more parkland in nature. The transition hole is the 3rd, a par 3 that begins in parkland and has a green with definite links potential. The potential is fulfilled upon reaching the next tee.

North Shore Skegness 12th green

When I go back…

I’ll make a better job of the two blind par 3s on the back nine. I’m afraid they really flummoxed. But as a wise man once said, a hole is only blind once to anyone with a memory. And when I head back to North Shore Skegness, I’ll know exactly what I’m doing. Perhaps I’ll even par one of them.