Reason for a Burhill (Old Course) Golf Club review

A trip down south with my colleague James Savage for a launch event meant we had a bit of spare time on our hands in the morning. It was more than a good enough excuse to get the clubs out.

Where is Burhill Golf Club?

Burhill Golf Club is located to the south west of London in the heart of Surrey. It is situated near a plethora of top class golf courses such as St Georges Hill and Woking Golf Club which is just 25 minutes down the A3 motorway.

What to expect

Variety is the word I’d use to describe this golf course. You have a mixture of really quirky holes with some that will seem pretty straightforward.

Position off the tee is paramount, though, as finding yourself on the wrong side of a fairway could leave you with no way of attacking the pin.

The 7th is a prime example, anything not on the right hand side will leave you having to lay up short of the green.

My favourite hole

Can I have more than one please?

I really can’t separate the 7th and 11th. Lets start with the 7th, a testing dogleg left par 4 with trouble down the left hand side. I hit one of my best drives of the day, a low flighting draw around the treeline, leaving me with a wedge into the green.

The green is set back behind a big tree on the left and you can only just see the top of the flag so judging distance on this hole is tricky.

Find the green and you should have a relatively straightforward putt on a flat green which feels like a reward for hitting two really good shots.

My best bit

There wasn’t a great deal to choose from but I was quietly pleased with my driving. The 2nd hole requires a fade around a big tree on the right hand side.

My confidence with the big stick is pretty high so I thought I’d go ahead and hit to straight over to leave myself with no more than 80 yards into the green.

Yes I did a Tiger club twirl…

What to look for

Travelling up and down the country to play golf means you’ll often find yourself stopping off for a quick coffee or an overly expensive Waitrose meal deal.

Instead, how about a lovely 3 course meal at Wetherspoons? That’s right just 10 minutes outside of Burhill you will come across Beaconsfield service station which boasts The Hope & Champion JD Wetherspoon.

This was an absolute treat to see after a 4 hour drive. Enjoy it when you have the chance.

Make sure you also don’t miss the brilliant clubhouse. If it’s a nice day for a drink you can admire the views from the beer garden in the back.

When I go back

I’ll remember to aim right on the par 3 6th. A pulled 8 iron meant my ball was coming down fast and found its way into the greenside bunker.

It’s safe to say I didn’t get up and down after pulling this lie.

I’ll also remember to enjoy it a bit more. I was concentrating to much on the match situation rather than taking in some of the beautiful surroundings.

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