NCG TESTS: Lee and Hunter's Ping putter

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We put the Ping Nome putter - as used by Lee Westwood and Hunter Mahan - through its paces


“Bit light in the head but comes off really nicely and rolls/feels very good. I’m not sure about the thick grip but can’t argue with the results.” RR
“A touch light in the head for me but I liked the feel and the way it sits.” DM
“I’m a big fan of this. It’s the closest anyone has come to making a premium feeling putter usable by the mass market, in my opinion.” JW
“Quite a lot going on but feels simple and solid. It promotes a smooth stoke from distance and you feel like you have to keep the putter moving.” MT
“I wasn’t sold on this to start with but the more I used it, the more I liked it. Great feel.” WS


TESTERS: Ryan Rastall (pro), Will Shucksmith (+3), Dan Murphy (4), Mark Townsend (7), Joe Whitley (8)
TESTED: July 2012
SRP: £209  
LH? Yes  

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