What's new? How much will they cost? And how do they perform? Hannah Holden brings you the low down on Ping's latest wedges

Ping Glide wedges are back for a fourth generation, so what’s new? Let’s take a closer look…

Ping Glide 4.0 wedge review

Probably some of the most underrated wedges on the market. Consistency is the big story here due to technological changes to bring down the ball flight. This helps with control on full shots.

There are four different grind options. My favourite was the low bounce T grind, which was easy to manipulate and hit a variety of shots with. After more forgiveness? The E grind is perfect for this. 


  • Soft feel
  • Creates consistent controlled trajectory
  • Great spin on full shots
  • T grind is extremely versatile


  • Spin was sometimes inconsistent
  • Compact shaping may be intimidating for some golfers

Ping Glide 4.0 wedge review: First impressions

The new Ping Glide 4.0 wedges have already been a huge hit on tour with professional golfers putting them in play around the world. It is easy to see why, the small compact shaping looks really good on the eye.

Ping Glide 4.0 wedge review

Ping Glide 4.0 wedge review: The technology

The aim with the Glide 4.0 wedges was to give golfers a lower-launching higher spinning product.

To achieve this the face features a new emery face blast, which adds more texture to the hitting surface. This creates more friction generating more spin at impact.

The lower lofts (46°-52°) feature wheel-cut grooves with a 20° sidewall as this provides the most optimal performance on full shots. In the higher lofts (54°-60°) the grooves instead have a 28° sidewall and higher radius to increase spin on finesse half shots.

This is a performance product so it is important it suits the eye of the best players in the world. The shaping is rounded and compact but with differing sizes across the multiple grind offerings.

“The first impression a golfer gets when they look at a wedge is vitally important. It must appeal to their eye and instill confidence that they can execute the shot they’re facing.  When designing the series, we decided to vary the head size of the S and T grinds to give players choosing those options a smaller head for added confidence and versatility. Conversely, the W and E grinds are a little more forgiving, with slightly larger heads.”

John K. Solheim, Ping president

The club head features a multi-material construction combining 8620 carbon steel with a elastomer insert. This delivers a soft, responsive feel.

Ping Glide 4.0 wedge review

“This is the first time we’re using 8620 in the investment casting of a Glide series wedge. It makes a big difference. When we combine it with the activated elastomer, it delivers an amazing feel.”

John K. Solheim, Ping president

All models feature the hydro-pearl 2.0 chrome finish to increase spin and lower launch especially in wet conditions.

Every detail of these wedges has been designed to help golfers save shots. Ping have even gone to the extent of adding a longer grip, this allows players to choke down on the club more, to play a wider variety of shots around the green.

Ping Glide 4.0 wedge review: NCG verdict

These are noticeably more rounded at address than other models and have a nice compact size. They are very tour inspired and give you the feeling you will be able to control the ball exceptionally well.

Ping Glide 4.0 wedge review

From all situations, these had a nice soft feel off the face, which I prefer. I also liked that they give you good feedback if you don’t quite strike it out the middle as you get a firmer feel and sound.

I tested numerous different lofts, bounces and sole grinds in this model. The S was my favourite for the lower lofts. I tried this in my 50° and 54°, which I use mainly for pitching and standard square face chip shots around the green. I also got more bounce on these to help bring the ball flight down.

Ping Glide 4.0 wedge review

I literally have the highest ball flight in the world. These wedges are specifically designed to provide lower launching shots which helped my trajectory and consistency on full shots. I was also really impressed with the spin on these full shots.

Ping Glide 4.0 wedge review

In my 58°, I opted for something more versatile, the T grind with 6° of bounce. This was great for shots where I wanted to open the face up. The camber of the sole meant the leading edge still sat flush with the ground. As a result, I could nip high-flighted shots of even the tightest of lies.

It was also great in the bunkers; however, I did feel I had to be a bit more aggressive through the strike to get the proper distance.

This option is designed for precision and workability and as a result, definitely isn’t quite as forgiving as other options in the line-up. But as there is a choice, you can pick the model which is right for your game.

Ping Glide 4.0 wedge review: Grind options

The Glide 4.0 wedges are available in four different sole grinds. Each one is designed to work best with different golfers angles of attack and also the turf conditions of their home golf clubs. Having the right grinds throughout your wedge sets will provide the best performance and versatility on full and partial shots. Across the Ping Glide 4.0 range there are 17 grind and loft combinations.

Ping Glide 4.0 wedge review

S Grind

This grind provides a lot of trail edge and heel relief but also has a fairly high bounce. This has a rounded leading edge and is the most suited to a wide variety of golfers.

(46º/12º, 50º/12º, 52º/12º, 54º/12º, 56º/12º, 58º/10º, 60º/10º)

Ping Glide 4.0 wedge review
W Grind

The W grind has a traditional full sole. It has high bounce which works great for players with a steep angle of attack or for those playing on soft courses or out of fluffy bunkers. It is the best for square face chip shots.

(54º/14º, 56º/14º, 58º/14º, 60º/14º)

Ping Glide 4.0 wedge review
T Grind

The lowest bounce offering in the range. This works really well for tight lies such as on firm links turf.

(58º/6º, 60º/6º)

Ping Glide 4.0 wedge review
E Grind

The E Grind was inspired by the Ping Eye2 wedge face profile. It has a big-toe profile and is designed to deliver more forgiveness. It has a dished sole and tapered hosel for bunker performance.

(54º/10º, 56º/10º, 58º/8º, 60º/8º)

Ping Glide 4.0 wedge review: The details

Available: Fitting and pre-order available now

RRP: £160 (steel); £170 (graphite)

Lofts/Grinds: S Grind (46º/12º, 50º/12º, 52º/12º, 54º/12º, 56º/12º, 58º/10º, 60º/10º) W Grind (54º/14º, 56º/14º, 58º/14º, 60º/14º) T Grind (58º/6º, 60º/6º) E Grind (54º/10º, 56º/10º, 58º/8º, 60º/8º)

Ping stock shafts: Ping Z-Z115 wedge, Ping AWT 2.0, Ping Alta CB Slate, Alta Distanza Black 40

Stock shafts: Dynamic Gold, (S300, X100) Dynamic Gold 120 (S300, X100), KBS Tour, NS Pro Modus 105, Elevate 95

Grip: Lamkin Crossline 1150

More information: Ping website

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