Ping G410 Crossover vs. G410 hybrid: The results

I currently carry a 3 hybrid so wanted to test out these two models in similar loft.

The 3 Crossover here has 20˚ and the G410 hybrid has 19˚.

With the launch monitor testing I really enjoyed hitting both.

They were giving me the numbers I was looking for which is about a 190 carry, 200 total.

Ping G410 Crossover

But if I really wanted to I could get the G410 hybrid to carry 200 yards.

There’s no doubt that the hybrid is easier to hit and it just feels like the ball is coming off the face faster.

Out on the course, I was left in no doubt which club would make its way into my bag.

The hybrid is just so much more versatile and easier to hit from a variety of lies.

I found the Crossover quite difficult to hit off a tight fairway, especially in fairly damp conditions.

Ping G410 Crossover vs. G410 hybrid: NCG verdict

For me personally, this is such an easy call.

The hybrid is just fantastic and does exactly what I want it to do.

Ping G410 Crossover

The Crossover feels great when you hit it well but it just feels like there’s a lot more effort, and skill, required to get it working properly.

I’d be very interested in a 2 Crossover to use as a back up off the tee but I’m always leaning towards a hybrid when it comes to hitting off the deck.

Saying that, the look of the Crossover is vastly improved from the G400 model.

Ping G410 Crossover

And it has had some of the better players in our office drooling.

The G410 to me is carrying on the fantastic work Ping did with the G400 hybrid. It’s such a great golf club and should be able to do a job for anyone.

But if you’ve got the swing speed and the skill, why wouldn’t you go for a 3 Crossover? I’m sure it will give a lots of people lots of pleasure.

Ping G410 Crossover details

Lofts: 2 (17˚), 3 (20˚), 4 (23˚)

SRP: £225

On sale: March

Ping G410 hybrid details

Lofts: 2H (17˚), 3H (19˚), 4H (22˚), 5H (26˚), 6H (30˚)

SRP: £225

On sale: March

More information can be found on the Ping website.

James Savage

Former equipment editor of NCG. Inconsistent ball-striker and tea-maker.

Handicap: 17

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