Our Ping G400 irons review took place at the Golf Shack at Moor Allerton in Leeds.

The Ping G400 replace the Ping G irons which were launched about 18 months ago. They do fall into what you would class as the game-improvement category but they are sleeker than the GMax irons so do have much wider appeal.

I was fitted into the G400 irons and tested them by hitting shots on Trackman. I compared the numbers with some 7-irons from the G range which I was also fitted into.

But before we get into that, let’s look at what Ping have changed in the G400 irons and how they might help your game.

Ping G400 irons review – First impressions

Ping G400 irons review

These irons appear to be a bit sleeker than the previous G range but they are certainly a bit more stylish.

We have the same hydropearl finish as on the i200, iblade and Glide wedges. They don’t look at all like ‘game-improvement’ irons so I think they will have wide-ranging appeal.

There’s a different design behind the face as well. Ping said some thought the G range didn’t look quite finished.

Ping G irons review

We’ve also got a Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip as standard with the G400 range which I think is a great move.

Ping loyalists will always play Ping clubs but I think the G400 range has a good chance of attracting  new people to the brand.

Ping G400 irons review – The technology

Ping G400 irons review

Ping don’t do new for new’s sake so there’s lots of new tech here as you would expect.

Ping say these irons will fly a little bit higher and come of the face a bit hotter. The face should flex a bit more in the higher half of the face which should get the ball launching a bit higher.

There’s a new multi-material insert with an elastomer in the cavity which helps to improve the sound and feel.

Something interesting Ping have added in the G400 irons is the option of ‘power specs’.

So if you’re not keen on the idea of launching it higher you can have all the lofts brought down. This is something which can be decided through the custom-fitting process.

Ping G400 irons review – The results

At address, these irons look fantastic. They are a massive improvement to the G range and they look very similar to the i200.

I don’t think they are going to be putting any players off, even those with single-figure handicaps.

Ping G400 irons review

The sound and feel off the face is also massively improved and I really enjoyed hitting these irons for that reason.

The performance was consistent rather than spectacular and I think that is what you can expect from this irons.

Ping G400 irons review – NCG verdict

Tight groupings and consistent numbers which is what we really want from our irons.

If you are desperate for a bit of extra distance, I’m not sure these irons will give you that.

But if you want consistency, forgiveness, sleek looks and a really nice feel off the face – you won’t be disappointed with the G400.

And Ping have some great options through the custom-fitting process by offering the stronger lofts and also an extensive range of after-market shafts at no upcharge.


SRP: £110 per iron steel, £120 per iron graphite.

Shafts: AWT 2.0, Dynamic Gold, Nippon Pro Modus Tour 3 105, Project X, XP95, KBS Tour, Alta CB.

More information can be found on the Ping website.