Our Ping G400 hybrid vs. crossover test took place out on the course at Moor Allerton in Leeds and back at the Golf Shack.

We’ve already done an individual review of the new G400 crossover and have also compared the original model with the new G400.

Ping G400 hybrid vs. crossover – The methodology

But we get a lot of people asking us whether they should be using a crossover or a hybrid.

Many people have never hit a crossover before and are keen to see how they performance compares to a hybrid.

In my bag at the moment, I carry a 4 Crossover and a 3/19˚ hybrid. I’ve dabbled with 4 hybrids but found they just launched too high and spinny for me.

The crossover flies a bit lower so gives me more control. But I’ve never put it to the test on a launch monitor.

In the G400 range, the 4 hybrid and the 4 crossover both have 22 degrees of loft. I hit five decent shots with each and used Trackman to gather the data.

Ping G400 hybrid vs. crossover – The technology

There’s a fair bit of new tech in each of these models compared to their predecessors from the G range.

Both the G400 hybrid and crossovers have a new maraging steel face which is thinner and stretcher for a bit more ball speed. It also helps improve the sound and feel.

The hybrid has Ping’s lightest-ever crown which allows more weight to be placed low and back for easy launch. There’s also more pronounced turbulators on the crown to help gain more speed on the downswing.

There’s a new hydropearl finish on the crossover – similar to the i200, G400, iBlade and Glide wedges – which helps improve contact when hitting from the rough or in wet conditions.

Ping G400 Crossover review

Ping G400 hybrid vs. crossover – The results

It was interesting to see very little difference in terms of the carry and total distance numbers.

There was also very little difference in the the ball speed. I expected the hybrid to be a touch faster bit it wasn’t the case.

Ping G400 hybrid vs. crossover

The main difference – and the key difference for me – was the launch and height. The hybrid was flying about 10ft higher.

Ping G400 hybrid vs. crossover – NCG verdict

Both these clubs are very easy to fun to use. There is a definite improvement on sound and feel to the original respective G models.

Although I’m not sure whether I will be switching from the original crossover to the G400, it was the club I preferred out of the two tested here.

The numbers were pretty much exactly the same on Trackman but if I was out on the course hitting into a wind, I’d be much happier hitting the G400 crossover.

It actually flies higher than the original G model but it was definitely lower than the hybrid for me.

Shots that go too high with too much spin can be a bit of a killer for me out on the course.

I’m happy hitting the crossover off the tee and the fairway.

I’d be worried about hitting a 4 hybrid off a tee peg for fear of it going even higher but I’d say the hybrid is a friendlier club for hitting out of the rough.

I’m a little scared of the crossover out of the rough as fear the toe might close a bit and send the ball left.

But all-in-all I feel the crossover is the club which I would use more in a round and that is the main thing.


Ping G400 hybrid

SRP: £200

Lofts: 17, 19, 22, 26, 30

Ping G400 crossover

SRP: £200

Lofts: 19, 22, 25

More information can be found on the Ping website.