DM: I love the sound and feel and I was probably more consistent with this than anything else. At first glance, you look at the Anser and wonder why it would be worth paying more than for a G25 but having hit both, for me, it would be worth the extra money. I feel as though I can stand over a shot with this club knowing exactly what it will do. No fiery fliers or ballooning flights – just consistently solid shots.

JW: I hit this accurately but a touch too high to get maximum distance. I really like the head shape.

PC: It’s a nice head. I really like the look. Even though it’s probably for better players it does not look intimidating and it’s worth the extra money to me compared to the G25.


SRP: £180
W: ping.com
TESTERS: James Whitaker (pro), Dan Murphy (4hcp), Pete Chippindale (12)