PGA Golf: Mickelson keeps faith in no-driver, extra wedge

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The World No 2 has again left his driver out of the bag and put in an extra wedge at the 95th PGA Championship...

Phil Mickelson has taken an ‘if it ain’t broke, why fix it’ approach to his equipment at the 95th PGA Championship.

The World No 2 has enjoyed massive success in the last two Majors swapping out his driver for a strong-lofted 3-wood and adding in a 64˚ wedge to give him more versatility around the greens.

He’s kept his lineup exactly the same this week.

The American said of his driver decision: “I sacrifice about 20 yards off the tee but I hit a lot more fairways and I am able to be more aggressive into the greens.”

When quizzed on adding in the high-lofted wedge, the 43-year-old said: “The fairways here at Oak Hill are very tight so it’s hard for me to open up my 60˚. The 64˚ allows me to play soft, high shots with a square face so it is very useful.”

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