You’ve just found the edge of the green, but need the ball to run far to get close to the pin. An ideal shot selection with would be a chip and run with an 8 iron. Getting the fundamentals correct will really help you with this shot.

To execute this properly, you will need the ball to be in the air for 1/3 of the time and then rolling along the green the rest. Your putting grip and technique should be used with this shot for it to result in the best possible outcome.

For example, if you had a 15 yard chip shot to the pin over a small amount of the second cut, you’d chip the ball in the air aiming for it to land roughly about 5 yards from where you started. From here, the ball should run across the green, ending up close to the hole.

To practise this, place a tee in the ground 1/3 away from where you hit the shot. This will provide a visual aid to help you land the ball in the correct area, resulting in a perfect chip and run shot.