Patrick Cantlay has a serious mix of old and new technology in his bag. So let's take a look at the Titleist gear he's using including a ten year old putter

Patrick Cantlay signed with Titleist just a week after turning professional back in 2012. He has been loyal to the brand ever since so let’s take a look at the wide variety of Titleist clubs in his bag…

What’s in Cantlay’s bag?

Cantlay kept his Titleist 917 driver in play for the majority of 2019 but he has now made the switch to the TS3. He still uses the Titleist 915F 3-wood and keeps it old school with his Titleist 816H2 hybrid.

Patrick Cantlay WITB 2020

He then carries a full set of the Titleist T100 irons from 4-iron down to pitching wedge.

Cantlay carries three wedges all in the Titleist Vokey SM7 model, he doesn’t like to meddle with equipment when he’s playing so we may have to wait a while before we see him gaming SM8’s.

I am not one to tinker the week of a tournament. If I am comfortable with what I am playing, I stick to it and will test new equipment when I have an extended break.

Patrick Cantlay WITB 2020

He’s had his current Scotty Newport 2 putter has been in his bag for nearly a decade. Originally it was nothing more than a backup.

I like the way it looks. It’s very traditional. Very square with a thin topline. I like the way it feels. I like everything about it really, so I feel very comfortable with it. It was my backup for a little while when I first turned pro, and then sometime in my first year I switched back over to it, and I’ve used it ever since. I do a lot of work with Paul Vizanko at the Scotty Cameron Putter Studio on my stroke, but don’t tinker too much on my putter. I really love the Newport-style shape and the 33″ length. It’s the one club I’ve had in my bag the longest and I don’t see that changing.

Patrick Cantlay WITB 2020

He also chooses play the Titleist Pro V1x golf ball.

Patrick Cantlay WITB 2020

Driver: Titleist TS3 (9.5˚), Mitsubishi Chemical Diamana Blue 73X

Fairway wood: Titleist 915F (15˚), Mitsubishi Chemical Diamana Blue S+ 70X

Hybrid: Titleist 816H2 (21˚), Mitsubishi Tensei Blue 90X

Irons: Titleist T100, (4-PW), True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue 120X

Wedges: Titleist Vokey SM7, (54°, 56°, 61°), True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S300

Putter: Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS Prototype

Ball: Titleist Pro V1x

Shoes: FootJoy DryJobs BOA