I wasn’t offended when TaylorMade politely asked me who we would like to send for a P760 irons fitting.

As a 15-handicapper, I can understand why brands give us the option of sending one of the, shall we say, better players from NCG when the clubs are primarily aimed at single-figure players.

But having tested the P760 irons out already, I wasn’t intimidated by them at all and was genuinely curious to see if a fitter would recommend them for me.

So off I went to their fantastic custom-fitting facility at The Belfry.

I made it clear to the fitter that I could take rejection if he didn’t think the P760 irons would be suitable for me.

P760 irons fitting: The results

We went through the process, found the best-performing shaft, made some lie angle adjustments and studied the launch and spin rates.

The Nippon Modus3 Tour 105 had a similar performance to the stock Dynamic Gold 105 S300 but it was just a bit softer while still controlling the spin.

We went upright by one degree as well to help get my spin axis a bit nearer to where it should be.

It was time for the moment of truth.

If I wanted a set of irons that were going to give me the best chance of shooting a good score tomorrow, the fitter recommended a set of the TaylorMade P790.

When we compared the P760 7-iron with the P790 7-iron it was very hard to make a case for the former.

There was more ball speed and distance with the P790 – they were easier to use and a a bit more forgiving on off-centre hits.

However, the important question was whether or not I was looking to improve my game. And would I have any time to practise over the winter?

I’m very keen to get my handicap down and I basically hit golf balls for a living.

So, being completely honest, the fitter was happy to put me into the P760 from AW-7 with a 6 and 5 in the P790.

I couldn’t help chuckle because I’ve been angling for a combo set for years and I finally get one in a set that’s progressively designed to removed the need for a combo set.

Anyway, we strengthened the lofts in the P760 irons by one degree to help control my ball flight and spin and match them up better with the P790.

P760 irons fitting: NCG verdict

Had it been April at the very start of the season, I’d have probably been happier with a full set of P790.

So I think you should be asking yourselves similar questions when you come to buying new golf clubs.

Are you happy with your game and just want something that’s going to work for you now?

Or do you want something that might help improve your game and force you into having lessons and practising more?

I’m hoping the improved feel, feedback and workability of the shorter P760 irons – and lessons, of course – will help me become a supreme ball striker in 2019…

For more information about booking a TaylorMade fitting can be found on their website.