After the success of golf at the Rio Olympics, the world's best players are itching to represent their country this time around in Tokyo. Here's how they can make it

How does the Olympic golf qualifying 2020 process work? We’ll get you there, but first…

But the Olympics aren’t being held in 2020?

Correct, they are not – and you can read all about that here – but they are still being referred to as the 2020 Olympic Games or Tokyo 2020 if that’s what you prefer.

What happened last time?

Despite a controversy-filled build up to the 2016 Olympic Games golf programme in Rio de Janiero, the sport returned to the world stage with a flourish after well over a century away.

Some fine golf captured the hearts and minds of the local fans as well as those watching from home. With six of the world’s top players taking home the medals for six different countries, golf’s global reaches were well on display and vindicated its inclusion in the world’s biggest sporting event.

Justin Rose’s three year gold medal tour, after winning the men’s event, has been the source of a few laughs among his peers, but also the source of a fair deal of envy and regret. While the excuses piled up before the last Olympics for some notable absentees, there will likely be few this time around as the game’s best are regularly reminded of what they missed out on.

Rory McIlroy, the most high profile golfer to snub the Olympics last time out, has already commited to represent Ireland at Japan 2020. But who will qualify, and how will they do it? We break it all down for you right here.

Olympic golf qualifying 2020: How it works

As the Games have been pushed back by precisely one year, as has the qualifying period.

The men and women’s fields are made up of 60 players who will have qualified through the world ranking systems.

The top 15 in the world rankings on June 21, 2021 for men and June 28, 2021 for women will qualify automatically but only up to four players from each country can qualify this way. In the event that there are more than four from one nation inside the top 15, the lowest ranked would miss out.

To make up the rest of the field players will qualify based on their ranking outside of the top 15 up to a maximum of two players per country. If there are already two or more qualified inside the top 15 then no further additions will be made.

The host nation of Japan is guaranteed to have at least one entry regardless of rankings.

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