ODYSSEY’s latest range of putters feature very clever inserts designed to heighten feel and improve feedback.

The Metal X line comprises eight different head shapes all of which feature aluminium faces that are placed over a layer of urethane. These materials combine to give a soft feel and crisp feedback.

The heads also feature a new ‘midnight black’ finish, which is designed to look sleek and inviting, while textured faces – oval impressions that create a mechanical lock with the dimples on a ball – give cleaner contact and impart a true roll. 

Odyssey say the putters were made after tour players requested a more metallic feel.

“The texture on the face does two things,” said head designer Austie Rollinson.

“It reduces surface contact and increases edge contact between the face and the ball. Reducing the surface contact during impact helps us create a solid, yet soft, sound at impact. 

“The aluminum insert creates a lot of edges, which increases the friction between the face and the ball and helps create a very smooth and consistent roll.”

Odyssey are also offering long versions of the new putters.


SRP: £109-£159
w: odysseygolf.com 
t: 08000 964 591

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