Hello. This is the first episode of a new golf podcast from the slightly warped minds of myself, Alex Perry, and Sporting Life’s Ben Coley.

Ben and I go way back (to at least 2013) and we’ve been talking about doing a podcast for a long time. When we finally got round to organising it, we decided we would launch the week of The Players.

But then my son had the audacity to be a few days late, so we postponed until the week of the Masters – the obvious place to start, really.

But then Eddie Pepperell agreed to be involved so we slapped out a rather haphazard first episode with the entertaining Englishman, who is completely true to form.

We have rather imaginatively called it Not Another Golf Podcast, and we hope you like it – mainly because if you don’t they might not let us make any more – so join Ben and I chatting with Eddie (yeah, we’re on first name terms now) about his Sawgrass performance, the British Masters, and looking ahead to his Augusta debut.

And all while trying to squeeze in as many references from The Office  into a golf podcast as we can.