Norwegian poop fiend defiling course

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'Poos too massive to be a woman' says groundskeeper

A Norwegian golf course is attempting to fight back against a man who is using the fairways and greens as his own private toilet.

The staff at Stavanger have appointed groundskeeper Kenneth Tennfjord with tracking down the man, who has made repeated visits the course over a number of years.

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‘Our idea is that it could be someone who hates the game of golf’ Tennfjord explained why he believes the curious crapper is a man. Speaking to The Local, Tennfjord said: “He has a couple of favourite holes… and we know it’s a man because the poos are too massive to be from a woman.

“In the early years the stools were relatively hard but they’ve change. Perhaps he’s been taking laxatives or maybe he doesn’t have the best diet.”

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A groundsman at the club explained how the defiling doody depositor has avoided capture by climbing a tree and dismantling spotlights.

The club’s managing director, Steiner Floisvik, added: “Our idea is that it could be someone who, for unknown reasons, hates the game of golf. Alternatively, the person may have a fetish or suffer from mental problems.”

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