The Nike Method putter range is the brand’s most successful to date, and it has recently been bolstered by the addition of the Method Concept – a striking, face-balanced flat-stick designed for maximum moment of inertia in as small a head as possible.

Nike say the putter boasts game-changing science that was created to increase confidence in all players.

It features a lightweight aluminium face with a heavier steel body. This positions the centre of gravity behind the ball and produces a fast roll and lots of stability.

This, coupled with Nike’s polymetal grooves, offers one of the truest rolls of any putter on the market.
As previously mentioned, Nike designed the Method Concept to offer the most forgiveness and stability in as small a head as possible, but they also wanted to make it look like a blade. To do this, they painted the face half of the putter red and the back of it black, hoping that the red would stand out so much it would dominate your eye at address.


SRP: £119.95  LH? Yes
OUT: March 2012  LOFT: 2˚
LENGTHS: 33, 34 & 35″
t: 08000 561 640