After Nike announced it was halting the equipment side of it’s golf range we decided to take a look back at the best advert’s the company has produced over the years.

From Rory to a talking Tiger headcover, Nike produced some real gems.

Nike Golf – “Ripple”


Possibly the best Nike advert ever.

We take a journey back through Rory McIlroy’s upbringing watching Tiger’s rise to the top, and it hits all of the emotional chords.

I haven’t got anything in my eye, I swear.

Nike Golf – “No Cup is Safe”


Rory and Tiger were in fine form as they looked to outdo each other in this one. The Northern Irishman even gets an ‘old man’ jibe in.

Harsh, Rory. Harsh.

Nike Golf – “Sand in Funny Place”


Good gag, Nike. Bravo.

Nike Golf – “Enjoy The Chase”


Nike aimed to show off the new and improved side of the game as you take a trip through a day in the life of Rory McIlroy.

The gym and the gun show feature rather heavily.

Nike Golf – “Apologies”


Another Tiger gag, and for some reason it just works.

Nike Golf – “Earl and Tiger”


Possibly the weirdest advert we have ever seen.

Following Tiger’s ‘break’ from the game Nike released a commercial with the former world number one talking to his father about his troubles.

Erm, yeah. We’re not sure either.

Nike Golf – “Trick shot”


Everyone loves a show off.