Justin Rose and other heroes…

The episode begins with a quick chat about BBC programme, sports personality of the year. Mark wasn’t impressed (despite the unsung hero part). Two of the contributors shed tears and one of them had an argument on Twitter about it.

The SPOTY talk allows us to segue nicely into the quiz which is about British winners of the US Masters.

Heroes and Villains

The heroes:

Firstly, Steve’s hero for 2016 is Justin Rose for winning the Olympic games. His reasons for his decision include the fact that Justin Rose really embraced the concept of the games and as a result, got behind them while everyone else used Zika as an excuse to not participate. In Steve’s opinion, you couldn’t have had a better men’s Olympic golf champion.

Steve’s nan likes Justin Rose

Savage chose National Club Golfer’s social media manager, Joe Urquhart, as his 2016 golfing hero. His decision is based on Joe’s incredible performance at the annual company match play, the ‘Brenda Bowl’ this summer in which Joe smashed all expectations and fought his way to victory.

Finally, Mark’s 2016 golfing hero is Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnson because he is a nice, funny and genuine guy. He is also good at golf. We then decide that some of our grannies would like Beef.

The Villains

Steve’s choice for 2016’s golfing villain, somewhat controversially, is Darren Clarke. We don’t all agree on this of course. Steve’s reasoning involves Darren Clarke’s picks for the Ryder Cup. Some of us still think that the outcome of the Ryder Cup was our fault. Nevertheless, it’s decided that the European team captain could probably have done things a little better.

Savage thinks that Rory Mcilroy should be crowned this year’s golfing villain as, despite winning the FedEx cup, he has not won anything of note. He also spent far too much time during the Ryder Cup telling people that he couldn’t hear them and generally shouting.

Mark is unhappy with the scheduling of golf events and believes that the Ryder Cup is held at a ridiculous time of year. There is also agreement that there is too big a gap between the Masters and the US open.