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We don’t need to be told what to wear by Brussels

This week’s episode features regular host Tom Irwin @tomirwingolf, Deputy Editor Mark Townsend @marktownsendncg, Club Golf Editor Steve Carroll @SteveCarrollNCG and Equipment Editor James Savage @JamesSavageNCG

In ‘1984’ it was a place where your worst fear was realised

We kick of this week with some hot off the presses news. We now have our very own podcast email address
It’s like we’re all proper.

Gannets for feedback that we are, we discuss both positive and negative twitterings. Mainly from avid fan Wackster0511 (the other 510 wacksters were nowhere to be seen) who has waded-in on ‘councilgate’ and Tom’s mate who lol’d all over a tube train.

Sexy pocket was also entertained.

After last week’s shambles of a quiz we have got our act together and come up with a blinder (no one’s trademarked it) so enjoy that.

Steve’s choice for the first thing into room 101 is: People who use lasers within 60 yards of the green.

James wants to put in blind tee shots.

Tom is attempting to nominate dress codes.

As you can imagine, these are the sorts of topics that inspire vitriol and blind fury so expect the kind of intense debate you would find at a UN conference.

What would you put into room 101? Let us know by getting in touch: podcast@nationalclubgolfer.com

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