The one with the middle age perspective.

This week’s episode features regular host Tom Irwin @tomirwingolf, Club Golf Editor Steve Carroll @SteveCarrollNCG and Editor Dan Murphy @DanMurphyGolf

Was it Alan Shearer who said ‘scoring a goal is better than sex’?

We start this week by discussing the absence of one of our regulars, James Savage as he is in Florida at a Taylor Made product launch (can we talk about that? We’re not sure).

Another opening topic is what golf we have been playing this week. Steve has been playing a three club challenge. He had to use a putter and so it was a source of intense debate. Dan has been playing golf with ‘man of Lincolnshire’ Tom Irwin. They went to Seacroft in addition to North Shore in Skegness. Dan reckons that it is ‘a thing’ that East Coast golf is dryer than the rest of the country and as a result has great links golf.

The quiz is Tiger-based as a result of his triumphant return to golf.

Steve is wearing an American Football top…

The middle age perspective.

This week’s topic is a sort of Steve/Dan hybrid: The best things about golf.

The concept is that we are a fictional marketing bureau (which turned out to not have actually been the brief) comping up with the best things about golf and consequently are creating an unofficial manifesto for the game.

First of all, Dan had playing new courses, the thrill of a well-executed shot and going to places you wouldn’t normally go to as his top things about golf.

Steve had playing the same venues as the greats and getting out and about amongst nature (the beginnings of the middle age perspective) and gear.

As usual, as a result of differing opinion in the team, there isn’t universal agreement on these topics.

What are your top things about golf? Let us know by getting in touch:

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